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Why Massage? REDUCING PAIN WITH Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy
Saturday, November 30, 2002
       Accumulated stress takes its toll on your good health. Massage is preventative maintenance for your body. Massage can restore flexibility, improve circulation, and aid the body to eliminate harmful toxins. Massage facilitates the body’s own healing processes by releasing tension and restoring balance. Enhances well being and overall health. Improves athletic
performance. Increases range of motion.

       Pain often begins with an illness or injury and is complicated by stress. Your perception of pain stems from a complex sequence of events that culminates with your nerves sending pain signals to your brain. Getting to the source of your pain and “pulling the plug on pain” is the use of NMT. In addition to painful, hyperirritable, trigger points the therapist checks for other sources of pain such as nerve compression or entrapment. The therapist uses techniques that release and lengthen muscles that press on nerves (entrapment), and allow bones pressing on nerves (compression) to move back into place on their own – relieving your pain.
Contributed By: Lois Pearson

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